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Virtual Synthesizer
Based on Access Music’s award-winning Virus Indigo hardware synthesizer, Virus|PowerCore offers sixteen voices with three main oscillators, two filters, three LFOs and two envelopes for every voice.

Virus|PowerCore is equipped with an extensive series of oscillators, LFOs, independent multimode filters and fast envelopes.

The FX section features chorus/flanger, phaser, saturation, distortion, analog boost and ring modulation. In addition, the global reverb/delay and the predelay time can be synched to the song's tempo.

A global vocoder with up to 32 bands, and the built-in arpeggiator add to the virtual synth’s feature set. Adaptive Control Smoothing allows super smooth parameter rides without any unwanted side effects, and an extensive modulation matrix makes it possible to create the most stunning sounds.

Virus|PowerCore can be used as a VST instrument for Windows or Mac, as well as an AudioUnit plug-in under Mac OSX. The actual synth engine is powered by PowerCore, saving the host's CPU for other tasks.

The sophisticated patch management gives you control over thousands of patches organized in automatically created hierarchical menus. The file format is the same Standard MIDI file used by the hardware synthesizers, and more than 4000 pre-programmed sounds are accessible from Access Music's web site.

The Base License enables one plug-in instance utilizing one DSP, and this will give you a 4 part multitimbral, 16 voice synthesizer.

An Unlimited License can be obtained on top of the Base License.
With the Virus|PowerCore Unlimited License, a PowerCore with 4 DSPs allows for 64 voices of polyphony and 16-parts multi-timbrality. If you combine four 4 DSPs PowerCores, you'll have a 256 voice polyphonic and 64-part multi-timbral virtual analog synth and FX monster!!

The Unlimited License is an add-on to the Base License and can utilize a virtually unlimited amount of DSPs. The only limitation is your hardware and your imagination.

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