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Internal PCI-soundcard with powerful DSP's (Creamware Pulsar-II (6 DSP)). Also known as: Creamware Pulsar-II, Creamware Project, SonicCore Project.

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Digital - Analog 24 bit / 128 x oversampling / 96 kHz
Frequency Response < +/- 0.15dB (20Hz - 20kHz)
Dynamic Range 110 dB (based upon technical data of converter)
THD+N > 100 dBA typ.
Channel Seperation 105 dB @ 997Hz
Analog - Digital 24 bit / 96 kHz
Frequency Response < +/- 0.05dB (20Hz - 20kHz)
Dynamic Range 100 dB (based upon technical data of converter)
THD+N > 95 dBA typ.
Channel Seperation > 102 dB @ 997Hz

My first Creamware card, Luna-II

My existing Pulsar-II and Snapshot from Registry.
Picture of the Classic connectors´cable with analogue in/out, coaxial in/out and midi in/out/thru.

My first Creamware (SRB) Sonic Rocket Booster (6DSP).


My second Creamware (SRB) Sonic Rocket Booster (15DSP)
Sonic Rocket Booster (15DSP) backside
Sonic Rocket Booster - more info.
Stacked cards

Full list of mixers, synths, effects.
Plugs in one old card I've sold
Plugs in another old card I've sold (Many Zarg)
Plugs in one which I want to sell

A song entirely made by Creamware. Yazoo-Don't Go made with only Pro-Tone and Plasma drumsynth

It started with Unease scans of Vince data of the sounds to Don't Go...I wanted to see how Pro-Tone sounds like compared to the original.
More info here!

Synthclones I've bought:

Creamware Pulsar-II Review1
Creamware Pulsar-II Review2
Hardware Spec

Snapshot of misc plugs:


Arp Prodyssey:

MINIMAX (Minimoog):



Drummachine, EDS16i:

Pro12 (Profit-5 = Prophet-5):

Prophet-One (Pro-One and Pro-Tone):

Guitar, SixString:

Sampler, STS5000:



Fostex VC-8

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