Roland Boutique

Roland Boutique
The Roland Boutique line is a series of limited-edition modules that faithfully recreates some of Rolandís most legendary instruments.

Roland JP08
Roland JP08 with K25M
Roland JP08 manual

Roland JX03
Roland JX03 with K25M
Roland JX03 manual

Roland JU06
Roland JU06 with K25M
Roland JU06 manual

Roland SH01a
Roland SH01a
Roland SH01a
Roland SH01a
Roland SH01a manual

Roland keyboard K25M
Roland keyboard K25M
Roland K25m manual

Sunshine Jones manuals:
Roland JP08
Roland JX03
Roland JU06

4-13 octave shift (default 8)
C1-portamento on/off
C2-portamento time (0-100)

1-master tune (1-16, default 8)
2-midi channel (1-16)
3-midi clock (1 auto/default, 2 internal)
4-transpose kbd (2-13, default 8)
5-key velocity (1 touch, 2 64, 3 max/127)
6-velocity curve (1 light, 2 medium, 3 heavy)
7-auto off
8-led demo
9-chain mode
10-ribbon ctrl note scale (1-16, deafult 1)
11-C2 modulation hold
12-Chrous noise (1 off, 2 half, 3 orginal jx/juno)
13-bend range (1-12, 13 2oct, 16 off)
14-delay level (1-16)
15-delay time (1-16)
16-delay feedback (1-16)

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